The research in the center represents a mix of research disciplines:

  • DSS – Decision Support Systems: Methodology and algorithms for handling and information extraction from large data sets, linking data from different heterogeneous data sources, automatic model construction by machine learning, decision processes and automated flows and decision chains, business intelligence. Represented by Department of Computer Science and Engineering at BTH
  • INN – Ambidextrous Organization & Innovation: The ability of organizations to change, innovation, innovation processes, innovation mechanisms, etc. Represented by Department of Mechanical Engineering, and Department of Industrial Economics at BTH.
  • PSS – Product-Service Systems: Value-driven development and innovation, development, business model engineering, value simulation, innovation, technology, etc. Represented by Department of Mechanical Engineering, and Department of Strategic Sustainable Development at BTH.
  • SDD – Simulation Driven Design: Simulation methodology, modeling strategies, optimization, domain knowledge in industrial processes, product development, materials, etc.Represented by Department of Mechanical Engineering at BTH.
  • SSD – Strategic Sustainable Development: Systems perspective of sustainability, sustainability principles, strategic guidance, strategic life cycle modeling and simulation, sustainability tools, etc.Represented byDepartment of Strategic Sustainable Development and Department of Mechanical Engineering at BTH.