Research is carried out in Use Cases that are short-term demonstrator projects together with participating industries. The Use Cases are:

  • UC1 – Sustainable and Value-Driven Engine Sub System Design (GKN Aerospace Engine Systems)
  • UC2 – iCoach and iGroups (Volvo Construction Equipment)
  • UC3 – Value-Driven Product Development (Dynapac Compaction Equipment)
  • UC4 – Easy Open Food Packaging (Tetra Pak)
  • UC5 – PSS for Online Functional Offering of Automotive Fixtures (Holje International)
  • UC6 – Providing Lux as PSS Instead of only Light Tubes for Lightning (Aura Light International)
  • UC7 – (Avalon Innovation)
  • UC8 – (BTH)

The UC results are then reflected upon in the four main research tracks (RT) that are longitudinal stable within the research and tightly connected to the Research Themes:

  • RT1 – Sustainability Integration in Conceptual Design
  • RT2 – Ambidextrous Organizations for Sustainable PSS innovation
  • RT3 – Value-Driven Design of PSS in Collaborating Networks
  • RT4 – Simulation-Driven Design and Knowledge Engineering