Research is carried out in Use Cases that are short-term demonstrator projects together with participating industries. The starting Use Cases are:

  • UC1 – Sustainable and Value-Driven Engine Sub System Design (GKN Aerospace Engine Systems)
  • UC2 – iCoach and iGroups (Volvo Construction Equipment)
  • UC3 – Value-Driven Product Development (Dynapac Compaction Equipment)
  • UC4 – Easy Open Food Packaging (Tetra Pak)
  • UC5 – PSS for Online Functional Offering of Automotive Fixtures (Holje International)
  • UC6 – Providing Lux as PSS Instead of only Light Tubes for Lightning (Aura Light International)

The UC results are then reflected upon in the four main research tracks (RT) that are longitudinal stable within the research:

  • RT1 – Sustainability Integration in Conceptual Design
  • RT2 – Ambidextrous Organizations for Sustainable PSS innovation
  • RT3 – Value-Driven Design of PSS in Collaborating Networks
  • RT4 – Simulation-Driven Design and Knowledge Engineering