Expanding Value Driven Design to meet Lean Product Service Development

ExpandingValueDrivenDesignToMeetLeanProductServiceDevelopment-2015Research paper published at 7th Industrial Product-Service Systems Conference – PSS, industry transformation for sustainability and business, May 21-22, 2015, Saint-Étienne, France.


The paper presents a discussion about gaps and opportunities for cross-pollination between Value Driven Design and Lean Product Service Development to promote the use of value-driven method and tools since the preliminary design stages. In particular the paper discusses how methods and tools developed in Value Driven Design have the potential to be applied in the preliminary design stage in the context of Lean Product Service Development. The paper concludes by defining a research area on Value Innovation method and tools for preliminary Lean Product Service Development.


  • Value Driven Design, Lean Product Service Development, Value Innovation, Preliminary Design


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